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Corporate Communications Projects for your Company
Integrating World Class Technologies for Operators
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About Us

In every contact with their customers, employees, partners or suppliers, organizations play the success of their business every day. On ISBEL, we are specialists in applying technology to communications so that those contacts generate a superior, fast, efficient and personalized experience.


To do so, our professionals focus on interpreting the challenges of the client, developing solutions, integrating technologies and applying experience and knowledge to serve their business.

Our experience

We are a Uruguayan technology integrator with over 40 years focused on technology applied to communications for Enterprise and Telco organizations. We have developed projects with more than 3,000 organizations in Uruguay and in more than 20 countries in Central and South America.

Corporate Communications Projects for your Company

Some represented brands:
Alcatel Lucent + comunicaciones unificadas + networking
Microstrategy + business intellingence + bi + plataforma bi
Cisco + tecnología + networking + red + switches + wifi
Verint + grabación + grabador + wfo
Furukawa + cableado estructurado + infraestructura + corrientes débiles + fibra óptica
Avaya + comunicaciones unificadas + videoconferencia + telefonía + ipo

Unified Communications - On-site and in the cloud

Unified Communications solutions allow your work team to be communicated by voice, video or text at all times with your customers, suppliers or other key players for your business.


At Isbel we have the ability to understand the specific communications needs of your organization, accompany its evolution and offer customized solutions, on-site or in the cloud, based on world-class technologies such as Avaya and Alcatel. Our solutions generate an agile, efficient and collaborative experience that will allow your company to be transformed in a safe and reliable way


Integrating World Class Technologies for Operators

Video Technologies

Transcoding Live / VoD / CDN / Encoders / Catchup TV / Playout / Set Top Boxes / Content Protection.

Some represented brands:

Innovative Projects for Your Communications

Innovative Initiatives

Our I+D+I department is continually working on creating value for business organizations.



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